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Cork Harbour Waterkeeper

The Story So Far

Launched in April 2018 as Cork Harbour Water Guardians, an affiliate of Waterkeeper Alliance, we quickly reached all the necessary quality standards required to obtain full Waterkeeper Alliance membership and re-branded as Cork Harbour Waterkeeper in June 2018.

With two substantial donations received from expatriates in New York, Cork Harbour Waterkeeper was able to purchase a 17-foot Shetland boat, currently used to patrol Cork Harbour and monitor the ongoing pollution in the area. With those funds, we have been able to cover the salary of our Executive Director, the marina where the boat is docked, fuel costs, refitting of the boat with sonar and electrics, life jackets, etc.

In addition, the funds have covered the set-up of our office and other various administrative costs.

Our accomplishments thus far include:
⦁ Monthly shoreline clean-ups in Little Island hosted in July, August and September;
⦁ We launched a mobile app called Swim Guide, where we have selected 12 locations throughout the harbour area to collect and test the water quality for recreational activities;
⦁ We are working with various organisations throughout Ireland and collaborating to bring awareness and develop a solution for the plastic waste issue in Ireland.

With the help of the local communities, we hope to raise enough money to cover the salary of another full-time person.  Any funds raised will also be used to develop an education program to bring to local schools in the area and recruiting kids for our junior waterkeeper program, which we hope to launch next spring.